• Material
    on stock

    Finding the right material is the difference between success or failure. We have your material on stock and can organize the delivery within a short period of time.

  • Logistic

    We are used to be part of you complex processes, both upstream and downstream. Get in touch with us, if you have special needs in sourcing your raw material.

  • Technical

    Not every thermopolymer is right for every processing method and the resulting product. In order to find the right raw material for your project you need a competent partner at your side. A partner that can accompany you from the initial idea up to the finished product and will also support you when it comes to feasibility and lab analyses.

  • Compounding

    In many cases, the basic properties of thermoplastic polymers are not sufficient for certain applications. SAX® Polymers is a flexible partner with the Hromatka Group and can provide with such specific services:

  • Own

  • Trainings,

    AECTRA Plastiques can bring the world of polymers closer to you. With training, brainstorming or tailored seminars, we can work together to find ideas for implementing a new project.

A good idea is followed by a lot of questions and we are there to help you to assess its feasibility and costs. Which polymer meets the special requirements of a particular application, which standards have to be considered, what unnecessary cost factors exist and which processing method is the right one?

Make AECTRA Plastiques, a leading expert in the field of polymers, part of your product development process and benefit from the extensive experience our technicians can offer. We are the right partner for you.